Kids are imaginative and curious. They like to explore their surroundings in ways we sometimes can’t predict. It’s not easy to know how your child will interact with their environment, but there are some simple precautions you can take around the house to keep them safe and out of harm’s way.
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Child Proofing the Bathroom

Install a toilet lock to keep unwanted items OUT of the toilet.

This will save you from spending your rainy day fund on a plumber, and keep those poor toys from getting wet. Not to mention, no parent likes fishing their cell phone out of the toilet. Gross!

Purchase non-slip tub or shower mats and place rugs directly outside the shower or bath.

Bath time can mean playtime for some kids, and it’s easy for them to slip or fall when their focus is on having fun.

Make sure all cleansers, bleach, cosmetics and razors are out of reach.

Kids are naturally curious and some will play with whatever they can find.

Childproofing the Bedroom

Read our Safe Sleep information for more on your baby’s bed.

NEVER leave your baby on your bed unattended.

No matter the size of the mattress, he or she may roll off or become tangled in the bedding.

Keep window cords out of reach.

These can pose a serious risk for strangulation.

Ensure that any armoires or cabinets can’t be easily opened.

Even if the contents seem harmless, it’s still easy for little fingers to get caught between doors.

Childproofing the Living Room

Make sure houseplants and other breakables are out of reach.

As your child grows, they may start using chairs or climb other furniture to reach alluring items, which can pose the risk of injury. Consider removing “tempting” items from your living room altogether.

Use brackets or straps to secure furniture to the wall.

Children like to run around; even when you tell them not to – this makes it easy to knock into shelves and bookcases that could fall onto someone.

Keep reclining chairs in the closed position.

This will help to assure it’s being sat on like it was meant to, and will help prevent falls and pinched fingers.

Childproofing the Kitchen

If you keep cleaners and other household chemicals under your sink, make sure your cabinet is LOCKED at all times.

Since it’s eye-level with your child and easily accessible, it can be enticing for them to open it up and peak around inside.

Dangling cords are tempting to pull and easy to trip over.

Keep them tucked away or hidden whenever possible.

Install guards on front facing stove knobs.

Nothing says “play with me” more to a child than a panel of buttons and knobs.

Childproofing Other Rooms

Get on your kids level and look around.

See what looks appealing and decide if it’s safe to keep in sight.

Keep pet supplies and animal food away from your child.

As a parent, few things are more disgusting than discovering your child has been playing in the cat’s litter box. Trust us.

Add doorknob covers to areas that are off limits.

Not only will this protect your child from dangerous items and your precious breakables from your children, it can help establish boundaries.