Parents Like Us

is a locally-grown effort that seeks to:

  • Recognize the many existing strengths that local families have and build on these.

  • Acknowledge that raising kids is hard and that no parent can be “perfect”.

  • Listen to parents’ concerns about issues affecting them and their children.

  • Mobilizes the local community so it can be a better place for parents and kids.

We believe families do a lot of positive things every day to keep their children safe and to help them grow.  “Parents Like Us” works to identify these local positive parenting practices and to promote them more widely in our community. Using both a parent survey and small group conversations, “Parents Like Us” has identified a number of key beliefs and practices that most local families share in common- now we want to let everyone know the good things we found.



Didn’t it always seem like your parents had eyes in the back of their heads? Don’t worry – you’ll naturally develop that as a parent…but reading our tips may also help!

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Here is a link to an on-line tool that registers your response to key parenting issues and also lets you know how MOST LOCAL PARENTS responded to the same items in a recent survey.

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Download the checklist or read through our online guide. Childproofing made simple, room by room!

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