While their children are young, most parents experience exhaustion, sleep deprivation and a sense of being overwhelmed at times. Beyond this, though, some mothers and fathers experience a deeper type of depression – one that hangs on longer and seems to take the joy out of everyday things.
Reaching Families is a Linn County project that helps identify and assist parents who are struggling with depression. The program specifically offers help to overcome barriers that may keep parents who have depression from receiving the professional help they deserve. Reaching Families can help parents who are experiencing depression with the following needs:

  • The cost of child care during appointments and knowing where to find care.

  • Transportation to and from their treatment appointments.

  • Financial challenges involving insurance, deductibles, co-pays or back medical bills.

  • Moral support and helpful information as they seek help. This may include someone to come with them to an initial appointment or two.

Both women and men may experience depression during their child-raising years. When any parent is depressed, it is likely to affect the child and the family as a whole. If you are a parent with signs of depression OR you have a friend, loved-one or co-worker with symptoms, please contact Nancy Cleary on the right.
Nancy Cleary

Reaching Families Staff Lead